• February 12, 2020

    How to create custom API for your eCommerce store?

    APIs are very important for any online business. With APIs it becomes easier for other businesses or people to provide services on top of your business. If you are having an online business already or envision to have one, your platform must be able to expose and consume APIs. Why? Because this will make sure […]

  • January 20, 2020

    5 Things NOT TO IGNORE while developing webapps in 2020

    Developing web apps is fun. And when you are starting a new project, there is always a different level of enthusiasm. Ask any developer and he’ll probably feel the same. However this enthusiasm may face a decline over period when the client requirements change or new features need to be developed. You as a developer […]

  • January 13, 2020

    How to setup eCommerce store in 2020

    eCommerce is everything now in 2020. And now it’s easier than ever to live your dream of owning an online store. But with so many options available, it can certainly get quite confusing to setup the store. Therefore in this article, I’ll list a couple of ways you get setup your eCommerce shop, along with […]

  • December 30, 2019

    Why EvenCart?

    EvenCart was born because one of our clients wanted something which was similar to Shopify in terms of template editing and could be self-hosted as well. We looked for a couple of solutions (mostly open source) out there. But couldn’t settle for something that could have ASP.NET Core (that we love a lot) and Shopify’s […]