5 Things NOT TO IGNORE while developing webapps in 2020

Developing web apps is fun. And when you are starting a new project, there is always a different level of enthusiasm. Ask any developer and he'll probably feel the same. However this enthusiasm may face a decline over period when the client requirements change or new features need to be developed.

You as a developer may find yourself in a state to modify the database architecture and may need to make major code changes for the new changes to kick in. Therefore the architecture of the web app you are building (or extending upon) should be designed in such a way that it gives you enough air to breathe the changes in minimal time. In this article, I'll list 5 things that should not be ignored while developing your web apps in 2020.

1. Easy to extend and customize

Whatever software you are developing or using must be customizable. This is an essential thing because over time as your client's business grows, it is certain to have new requirements and you'll need to customize and extend the solution to have new feature and requirements. Therefore it's essential that the software architecture that you start with should allow this kind of customization and extension easily without much modification to the system.

If you are using any open-source software or the one that provides paid source code your choice should strongly take into consideration the architecture that it follows and what does it take to customize it as per new requirements. The documentation should also provide you with enough information about customization.

2. Dynamically modifiable UI

The system should be designed using reusable UI components so that the UI can be changed easily. Nobody likes a monotonous website and your website, home page or landing page should be easily updatable from the administration. This can be achieved by creating widgets that can be dragged and dropped to desginated zones, so as to add new UI components, delete existing components and in other words, customizing the UI as and when we feel required. Monotonous things can sometimes be boring to the visitors.

3. Ready to use API

As the business grows, the client may want to extend their presence to mobile apps and SPAs. They may also wish to make their systems easily utilized by third party vendors or services by the exposure of APIs. Therefore the system should be developed from the very first line of code in such a way that each and every operation within the system can be controlled by an equivalent API endpoint. A software like EvenCart does this automatically by providing an API endpoint for each corresponding public page. This means you just need to write the code once and your API is ready to use.

4. Data Safety and Security

Data privacy and security is not a thing of luxury. It's a necessity and therefore your web application should implement the same as such. The private data of your customers should be saved securely. The communication between the server and the client should always happen over HTTPS. And to achieve that, your software should definitely provide support to communicate over Secure Socket Layers.

5. Role Based Access

The administration should be able to provide granular access to it's users. This can be achieved by limiting access points to the application based on the roles and capabilities that a particular user have. The administrator must be able to assign additional capabilities or remove existing capabilities to any user. This makes the system scalable over time as more and more user roles are required in the system. Role based access also ensures that the particular user can only perform operations that he or she is expected to perform. Any other activity of the user will be blocked by the system thus ensuring security and privacy.

Concluding Remarks

Web changes to quickly. New  technologies take over the old ones in the shorter span of times. Therefore with whatever product architecture you start, it's necessary that it should be scalable and manageable over time. A little work today will definitely save a lot in the coming times.