Be happy (and sad). We are changing now.

2020 has not started too well. Covid has hit hard and has certainly brought the entire world on it's knees. Any business or person that exists on the planet has been affected by it directly or indirectly. Economy is suffering and so are the international relations.

Some call it a disaster created by humans. Others meme it as nature's way of reminding humans that they are just on a lease in this world and the real owner is sitting somewhere to control us.

Currently there is locked down almost everywhere, but will soon be lifted gradually. More and more businesses will return to their day to day processes to gain back the traction lost during this period. The governments will also be willing to look into ways to give saline to boost already ill economies. But will things be same as they used to be?

Life in changing!

The pandemic has changed everything around us. It has given us, "the humans" a chance to introspect. To see where we fit in this world. To define what is "normal" for us and which part of normal do we want to go after pandemic is over.

Staying at home (for most of us) for more than a month has certainly given us clear understanding of what is important in our lives. We now know who are the real heroes in this world. And they are really not the ones we see on big screens.

We are understanding how making money is only one aspect of our life and time spent with our family, eating and staying together and playing with kids is more important.

Pandemic has unequivocally taught us that we just need a handful of resources to survive in this world. And most of the day to day things are actually superficial. We'll surely be different after this is over.

Humans are changing!

After all these days of social distancing, it's not going to be easy when we go out. We'll need to ask more questions than to answer.

  • Will we be meeting the people same way we used to?
  • Will we be shaking hands and hugging each other?
  • Will breathing be as inadvertent as it should be?
  • Will we trust complete strangers like we used to?

Of course the answers would most certainly be no. However it should rather be physical distancing than social distancing.

Things are in fact changing for better. We are now more conscious about our health and lifestyle. We are frequently washing and sanitizing our hands. The self sanitization habits will continue to follow for sometime. Crowds will induce some type of fear (for some time of course). Governments will (hopefully) allot more funds towards healthcare rather than defense. Everything we buy will be cleaned and sanitized before it is used.

Environment is changing!

Air Quality Index has improved. Noise pollution is a thing that seems to have died for sometime, thanks to the halted wheels. Only birds are flying in the sky. And they seem to be happily chirping these days. Rivers seem to have entered into self sanitization mode. The nature is regaining it's beauty that is being destroyed by humans for so long.

The silence across corners is announcing the entire surrounding as a meditation zone. Isn't this something we have always wanted? If we don't change ourselves, will this beauty sustain?

Businesses are changing!

While people are locked down, they have been thinking about changes they need to incorporate into their work lifestyle. Brick and mortar store owners who have previously been reluctant to go Internet for their business have at least started to look it as a possible (and effective) option. Those who were previously selling online have got their hopes even higher after this pandemic. If you see more innovative startups in the coming days, don't be surprised.

The fact that our conscience is changing, will greatly affect our shopping behaviors too. We'd be more reactive to physically touching stuff. From what I am experiencing, eCommerce will be more prominent in our purchase behaviors. We should be seeing more niche eCommerce stores in the coming days.

Financials are changing!

You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you. –Dave Ramsey

The locked down has reminded us of our ancestor's values. They used to say "save more than you spend". In this lifestyle of show-offs and easy EMIs we have been spending more than our capacity. Though pandemic is not going to change our spending behavior totally, it has definitely given us a chance to learn and save for at least a few months of expenses in advance.

This too shall pass. We will be happy (and sad)

Whatever anybody calls it and whatever is the situation, we just need to remind ourselves that NOTHING IS PERMANENT.

Believe it or not, but this time spent with our family is something that we've been secretly demanding from God amid our busy lifestyle. Next time beware when you demand anything from GOD. HE indeed does give you everything :).

It's that time which can make you sad and happy at the same time. Read the phrase 'This too shall pass'. You are happy because right now you are spending best time with your family. You are sad because you currently are staying home and can't go out to work.

After sometime, it might so happen that you will be sad going back to your normal busy life. And you'll cherish these moments of happiness with your family.