EvenCart is a software for everyone. We are committed to turn EvenCart into a solution that can be used for creating web applications of all types.

The architecture of EvenCart ensures that any developer who intents to create any type of web application be it a content management system or a social network or a simple eCommerce store, it should give them enough structure, so that they can focus solely on their app logic.

For Startups & Enterprises

Easy Administration

The administration is fast and easy to navigate so you can focus more on your day to day tasks.

No trial. No limits. Flexible licensing.

EvenCart is free and doesn't put any restriction on the usage. You can create unlimited products, categories etc. Manage and organize your catalog with nested categories, product and specification attributes. You can choose the License that best suits your needs.

GDPR & PCI/DSS Compliant

Security is very important and EvenCart out of box is GDPR and PCI/DSS compliant, so your customer's data is safe and secure.

Configurable Promotions

EvenCart allows you to create different types of promotions as per your requirements. You can restrict to promotions to products, categories, customers, user roles, shipping fee, payment fee etc.

Powerful Reporting

Now keep track of your store activities with our powerful reporting. EvenCart allows you to view your inventory and order in different views.

Mobile Friendly

The themes and administration of EvenCart are responsive out of box. The software therefore works seamlessly across the devices of different screen sizes.

For Developers & Designers

Headless with Integrated API

EvenCart has been developed from ground up in such a way that every public page has an equivalent API endpoint. This way you'd be able to extend the software however you want it. Secure token for API access ensures that only your app can extend upon the API endpoints. See API documentation for details. Standardized coding structure ensure that whatever action you write also has an API endpoint for it. It's Headless if you want it that way.

MsSql or MySql

EvenCart uses dotEntity, an open source micro O/RM created by our team according to our needs. We are therefore more in control of the performance that we want out of our data access layer.

It's a CMS

You can use EvenCart like a CMS system. The nested content pages allow you to create hierarchical content pages. You can also create page templates to modify look and feel of each individual page.

Developer Friendly

The architecture of the EvenCart has been written in such a way so that it can be extended or modified to create any type of web application. The entire software is compartmentalized into Core, Data, Services, Infrastructure and Web projects for each code maintenance.

Pluggable Architecture

EvenCart has been written from ground up to allow functionality extensions by plugins. This ensures that you don't have to modify the core of the software to add new features or override existing ones. Read more about plugin development in our documentation.

Attribute Routing & Multiple Model Bindings

EvenCart uses Attribute Routing for all it's routes and provides dedicated Routing attributes for quickly creating API endpoints and MVC endpoints simultanenously without duplicating the code. The custom view engine also supports passing of multiple models to the views.

Easy Theming

EvenCart uses Shopify's Liquid templating language for rendering of views. This makes it very easy for anybody with little html knowledge to create or customize a theme.

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